Members must scan their own key every time they enter the gym

If you come with another member you must each scan your own key 

If you do not have your key do not ask other members to let you in

Do not bring in or let in non-members (except for emergency personnel)

If you allow anyone to access Walt Fitness with your key or bring in a non-member you may be required to pay $250 (or the maximum allowable by law) and your membership will be terminated 
Members are required to Enter & Exit through the member’s door (except for emergencies)

We are NOT a cross fit facility

  • No dropping the weights or slamming the weight stacks
  • Re-rack the weights and return accessories to original location
  • No lifting chalk or jump rope
  • Keep the "grunting and moaning" down    

No jeans, work boots or open toed shoes 

Shirts must be worn the entire time while in gym

Wear clean shoes free of dirt, grass and debris

Please be respectful of other members and help keep your gym

clean and safe​​
Walt Fitness has the right to terminate any membership for any reason at any time

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Cancellation notice sent via regular Mail will be accepted during our temporary closure period 

​​          STAFFED HOURS

              MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY   3PM - 7PM

                               THURSDAY - FRIDAY 1PM - 4PM

                                      SATURDAY    10AM - 1PM

                        SIGN UP DURING STAFFED HOURS

                                      MUST BE 18 TO JOIN


Emergency Alert

view our updates page 

To provide assistance to our members during this time we have temporarily frozen all memberships.  Members will not be charged until we re-open.


                                         1445 W. PINE ST

                                       WALLA WALLA, WA 99362

                ​                                (509)529-0902

                                      NO DAY OR WEEK PASSES

                         STAFFED HOURS​


             THURSDAY- FRIDAY  1PM - 4PM

                   SATURDAY  10AM - 1PM​​                    


sign up during staffed hours

​no contracts

get in      get out      get in shape


Payments are due on the 15th and will pull automatically from your debit/credit card 

You are required to keep your payment card up to date 
Please bring in your debit/credit card  during staffed hours to update your account if you are issued a new card, expiration date, card type or if you change banks

Walt Fitness has the right to charge late fees

A 30 Day written notice is required to cancel membership by obtaining a receipt at the gym office during staffed hours or send written notice to Walt Fitness post marked certified mail.  Membership will end in 30 days (minimum) from receipt date and final payment will be prorated.


Cancellation notice sent via regular Mail will be accepted during our temporary closure period